Nico Padden is an NYC-based, one-woman folk-rock riot.  Ben Folds said she has “a big voice, gorgeous voice,” and that her song Pirate Queen is “original and classic at the same time.” Her 2022 album of the same title received positive reviews from Americana Highways, Glide Magazine, Guitar Girl magazine, and the album frequently made the NACC top 30.

The work is a mix of Americana, pop/rock, and folk that celebrates the strength of the fierce, brave women in her life.   "Pirate Queen" is about taking back the crown that is rightfully yours, even if by slightly unorthodox means.   Pirate Queen is the nickname given to Padden by her friends and fans, and it represents who she is—musical leader, woman who defies gender norms, outspoken feminist, and lover/protector of those around her.  Her music is both tender and fierce, laden with harmonies, powerful choruses, and catchy hooks.

Padden musical roots run deep- she comes from a music teacher family and earned a degree in opera performance before focusing on her career as a singer/songwriter.  Her musical activities vary widely: her choral arrangement of her original song “White Flag” went viral in 2018 and as a result, has been performed by choirs across the United States and Canada.  She is the author of Ukulele Rockstars, a method book for teaching ukulele, and she is the composer of “Romeo & Juliet, the Rock musical.” She is a dog lover and an outspoken advocate for people with Celiac disease.



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